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James made us some Fan Art

Wow James from theodd1sout made us fan art, for us ... yup that's right us.
We`ve added it to our logo and to the links section (down below).
Big thanks to James for all the the things you do for the new animators in the YouTube community.

Wanna Voice Casey?

Voicing Casey participants are picked randomly each week.
If you are picked to voice Casey please do not tell anyone that you are doing this because 1/2 of the fun is for people to guess who is voicing.
In order to voice Casey send the 2 files to me by email (ask me for it via YouTube message) or PM them to me on the Discord.
Wanna know more click here to find out.

There are many ways to find Great Animators.
See all Animators listed the old way (Slow but best)

See all Animators with filtering/searching (Pretty quick)

Paging through the list of Animators (Kinda fast but tedious)

See all Animators by Channel Art (Kinda slow)