Voicing Casey

Voicing Casey participants are picked randomly each week.
If you are picked to voice Casey please do not tell anyone that you are doing this because 1/2 of the fun is for people to guess who is voicing.
In order to voice Casey send the 2 files to me by email (ask me for it via YouTube message) or PM them to me on the Discord.

So to do the voice over you are going to have to match my voice almost exactly. The way you can do this is with headphones and audacity. Put the headphones on and play the voice over tracks (linked below).
You can try to make your voice like the real Casey Neistat if you like.
Here is the script
Hello animators I am Casey Nice stats
Here are the channels on young animators dot club that have reached milestones this week

Those are all Nice Stats, way to go animators
To see these great animators and more check them out at young animators dot club

Voice Track 1
Voice Track 2

I need it before by Saturday night USA time so I can upload it for Monday Australia time (Sunday night USA time).
This should take 1/2 hour to complete.

Anyone can do it, I can't say when you'll get to voice Casey as I am going thru the ones I have already but you will get chosen.
We used to have a lottery but people were not sending in their clips. Still we don't have many clips so you will probably be on within a few weeks.