Frequently Asked Questions

Well first you gotta read the Rules. Remember we are looking for story telling type animations. We want the content to be Kid Friendly, so no bad language. It's all there in the rules.

Generally you're better off starting with a fresh channel because if you have too many videos that don't fit the content we are looking for on your channel you would have to make those videos private. And really we don't want you to do that.

Remember read the Rules.

For either of those please private YouTube message me. You can find the Send Message button in the About section of my channel.

Well our definition of animation is pretty relaxed. If you can make a story with pictures then that's animation to us. You are only going to get better at it. There are many channels our there that can help you make animations.
A good story is better than a good animation.

There are many free programs out there

  • Krita, has animation built in but no soundtrack
  • FireAlpaca, has animation built in but no soundtrack
  • GIMP, just a drawing program
  • MediBang Paint Pro, just a drawing program
  • OpenToonz is a full animation program although could be hard to learn
  • Audacity for recording your voice

Check out our page on what our animators are using.
But you can easily get start making animated stories with very little cost.

Check out this tutorial by TheOdd1sOut. Using any drawing program (Krita, GIMP, FireAlpaca, MediBang Paint Pro), audacity and a video editing program (Windows Movie Maker/iMovie) you could easily make story animations like James.